From Greenlight through Release, Cinelytic Provides Actionable Insights in Real-time

Get immediate insights into your content at any stage using our revolutionary platform.

Seamless Project Management

Our Integrated, multi-user data and analytics platform increases efficiency, saves money, and makes working easier. Cinelytic is the only platform in the film industry that provides data, analytics and predictive intelligence in an integrated project management system, enabling companies to quickly, and consistently, inform critical decisions throughout a film’s value chain.


Talent Analytics at the Touch of a Button

Gain critical insights into how key talent will increase the chances of success of your project, and by how much. Our proprietary economic scoring system, Cinelytic’s TalentScores™, ranks talent by their economic impact across the film industry, including by media type, genre, and key territories.


Film Analytics in Depth

Use our suite of Film Analytics tools to run multiple film comp scenarios, release scenarios, and per-territory and per-distributor analysis all in a matter of minutes. Pre-calculated key metrics, intuitive and dynamic data visualizations, and PDF and Excel export functionality saves valuable time and effort.


Real-time Predictive Forecasting

Inform your casting, greenlighting, financing, budgeting and release decisions in real-time with our industry leading AI-powered predictive forecasting tool. Predictively forecast Domestic, International and key Territory box-office and other key media (Digital and Physical HV, Free and Pay TV). Multiple scenarios with confidence levels give you unprecedented insight into how your project can perform. Our, on demand, predictive forecasting radically saves time, money, and effort, enabling an iterative real-time approach to revenue forecasting.


Integrated Financial Modeling

Our Financial Model enables you to rapidly understand the ROI potential of your film, even with complicated financing structures. Financing assumptions, Participations, Budgeting, Pre-Sales, Film Comps, and AI-driven Predictive Forecasts, are all seamlessly integrated into a detailed and sophisticated Financial Model, saving you valuable time and removing the errors associated with spreadsheets.


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