Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cinelytic?

Cinelytic is a cloud-based, business intelligence platform for the film industry. Our system provides leading industry data and analytic tools to help film professionals better inform their creative, development, casting, greenlight, marketing, and distribution decisions across a film’s value chain.

2. What data does the Cinelytic system provide?

We provide an extensive amount of film and TV industry data aggregated from leading data sources.

This data includes a comprehensive database of film titles (almost 100,000 titles as of August 2020) with associated descriptive data including: title name, synopsis, logline, genres, rating, per-territory distributors, production budget, keywords, associated production companies, per-territory theatrical revenues, social media metrics, and other relevant data. Our talent database includes more than 550,000 above-the-line talent (directors, actors, producers, writers) along with their career credits, background information, awards, news, etc.

In addition, Cinelytic has a proprietary technology that tracks billions of P2P (peer-2-peer) file-sharing transactions each year, globally. P2P downloads, and shares, are highly correlated with OTT viewership, and therefore provide an excellent proxy for streaming demand. We collect all P2P transactions in virtually every country on the planet.

3. What tools does Cinelytic offer?

Our system offers a number of industry specific (and unique) tools, including real-time predictive revenue forecasting tools, rapid film comping tools, distribution analysis tools, talent comparison and casting analysis tools, our industry leading TalentScore™ system, and highly detailed financial planning tools.

IntelliComps™ - tools to rapidly, and effectively, create Film comps and Talent lists/comps in a fraction of the time of standard methods. IntelliComps™ automatically calculates multiple metrics to assist critical decisions.

Athena™ - our patent-pending predictive application for forecasting film revenues, across multiple territories, in real-time. With Athena™ you can rapidly run multiple project scenarios looking at different creative, budgetary, financial, marketing and release strategies.

TalentScores™ - are industry leading metrics indicating the economic value of above-the-line talent, and are based upon the economic performance of a given person’s films, taking into account their role (director, actor, writer, producer), billing, whether the film was animated (for actors), when the film was released (older films count less), and other factors. In addition, we calculate TalentScores™ for different genres, by country/territory, and by media type (Digital/Physical HV, Pay and Free TV).

4. Who uses Cinelytic?

Cinelytic is used by a wide range of film industry companies including major Hollywood Studios; mini-majors; leading international film investment and film production companies; distributors; and smaller film companies seeking to optimize their creative, investment, production, casting, distribution, and marketing decisions.

5. Does Cinelytic work for TV shows?

Yes. We offer a proprietary Audience Intelligence product, which can be used to understand what TV shows consumers are viewing and those viewers' demographic profiles.

6. What does Cinelytic’s predictive forecasting tool do?

Cinelytic’s forecasting tool predicts multiple revenue streams including Domestic Box Office (DBO), cumulative International Box Office (IBO), per-territory IBO for key territories, as well as non-theatrical media revenues including physical and digital Home Video, and free and pay TV.

7. How accurate is Cinelytic’s predictive forecasting tool?

Our Domestic Box Office predictive model is 85% accurate given only information known before the greenlighting of a film. This accuracy is measured “blindly”, meaning that it is based on taking the median estimates of our domestic box office predictions. Experienced executives can improve this accuracy based on their understanding of their project and the option to choose other scenarios provided by our predictive model.

8. Are Cinelytic’s algorithms biased?

No. While bias in data and AI is a serious, and well-documented problem, our algorithms are designed in such a way that we avoid bias. The concern is that because women, people of color, and the LGBTQI community (among others), are underrepresented in Hollywood, any AI or algorithms based on film data must themselves be biased. We understand this concern, and have designed our AI and algorithms such that they do not use information that could support, or reinforce, bias. Specifically, we do not use characteristics such as gender, race, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc., anywhere in our AI, or algorithms, and therefore we avoid introducing, or supporting, bias.

9. Does Cinelytic decide what films get made?

Definitely not. Cinelytic is a decision-support and decision-analysis tool, not an automated decision-making tool. Cinelytic provides decision makers with the data, information, and metrics they need to make more informed decisions, but there is no feature in our system (and no use case) in which decisions can be made by the system.

10. I’ve read that A.I. and Machine Learning only use historical data; doesn’t that mean that films for which Cinelytic was used will just be reboots and repeats of past films?

Cinelytic does use historical data (as all AI and ML predictions do), however, that in itself does not mean that predictions from our system will lead to more reboots and sequels. In fact, our system leads to greater creativity in the film industry for two reasons: 1) because our users can now see, for the first time, the trade-offs between creative decisions, and business decisions, in real-time, and 2) because our system exponentially reduces the time needed to analyze different creative and business decisions, freeing up more time to explore new ideas and creative approaches.

11. Will Cinelytic destroy creativity in the Film Industry?

To the contrary. By freeing up valuable time, exponentially reducing the time spent on low-value tasks, and reducing cognitive load on our users, Cinelytic enables the industry to spend more time on high-value creative tasks and creative decisions, thereby helping to support creativity in the industry.

12. Does Cinelytic work for independent films, or just for Studio films?

Yes, Cinelytic works for independent films as well. Many independent film production, distribution and financing, companies use Cinelytic to help them streamline their workflow, reduce costs, and make decisions faster.

13. How much does Cinelytic cost?

Our pricing depends on the use case, and the number of users. Please contact us for more information at