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Cinelytic is an Artificial Intelligence driven platform transforming the way the film industry does business

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We help Studios, Independents, Investors
and other film professionals make smarter decisions throughout the filmmaking process

Packaging - Data Inform Decisions

Our packaging tools enable you to create, track, and update key cast and crew lists, with essential data and analytics, such as valuation and popularity metrics, representation information, etc.

Financing - Reduce Risk, Increase ROI

Gain vital insights into the financial potential of your film projects for green lighting decisions. Our interconnected genre/talent comp model and our proprietary AI driven predictive engine helps you to model P&L and ROI for your film project.

Distribution & Marketing - Understand Audiences

Better understand your target markets and audiences to inform key financial and strategic decisions. Analytics of qualitative data such as P2P piracy downloads and social media interactions provide users with a deeper insight into audience demand trends.

Project Management - Improve Team Work & Productivity

Multi-user functionality lets you easily collaborate with other departments and team members on our integrated system to create, update, save and track projects in any state of development (packaging, financing, production, distribution etc.)

Maximize your film's potential for success

Reduce risk and better understand your film’s financial potential using our predictive analytics tools.

Our powerful machine learning algorithms determine the most likely outcomes for your project as you adjust inputs in real-time.

Streamline your Workflow

Move from paper printouts, static Excel models and legacy systems to our cloud-based project management tool. Multi-user and permissions based functionality improves collaboration across departments and teams to maximize efficiency from packaging to distribution.


Built with Security in Mind


We take your security very seriously. We use the same encryption algorithms and protocols that banks use to keep your data safe. Our entire site is encrypted via TLS session encryption, and we take special care of your project data by encrypting all of it so that no one, other than you, can see or access your data, or details of your projects. Even we can't see your project data.

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