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The decision-support tool for motion picture packaging,
financing, producing, distributing and marketing.

Secure Project Repository

Our secure project repository enables you to create, save, update and track your projects in any state of development (packaging, financing, production, etc.), for ease-of-use and convenience.

Packaging Tools

Our packaging tools enable you to create, track, and update key cast and crew lists, with essential data and analytics, such as valuation and popularity metrics, representation information, etc.

Robust Search and Comps

Our film and talent search and comparables tools, are directly integrated into our packaging and financials tools, providing tremendous worflow and efficiency advantages.

Key Metrics

Using statistics and machine learning we identify and calculate key decision-support metrics for you, including predictive project and talent valuations.

Sophisticated Financials

Our financial planning and risk assessment tools, include standardized Sales Estimates, an MG Calculator, Finance Planning Worksheets, Domestic and International Forecasts, and ROI waterfalls.

Supporting information

We supplement our decision-support tools with important Industry news, trends and data visualizations to keep you up-to-date with the latest information you need.

Improved workflow and efficiency

Sophisticated Decision Support Tools and Information
all Integrated into one easy-to-use system

In the past, the tools and methodologies that have been used to inform motion picture packaging, financing, producing, marketing and distributing decisions have been ad hoc, using inconsistent information, bespoke financing and recoupment methodologies, endless spreadsheet revisions.

With our data and analytics platform you no longer have to pull data from multiple data sources, guess at project and talent valuations, email packaging info back and forth, track mistakes in your spreadsheets, etc., because we have integrated data, film and talent comps, talent packaging, sales estimates, financial plans, and multi-user access, all into an easy-to-use, secure, online platform.

Sophisticated Financials

We've worked hard to standardize a complete finanical package for your films including Financing Plans, Pre-sales models, Domestic and International Forecasts, and ROI Waterfalls. Our financial models are easy to use and help you to avoid the hassles and inevitable mistakes of working with spreadsheet models.


Built with Security in Mind


We take your security very seriously. We use the same encryption algorithms and protocols that banks use to keep your data safe. Our entire site is encrypted via TLS session encryption, and we take special care of your project data by encrypting all of it so that no one, other than you, can see or access your data, or details of your projects. Even we can't see your project data.

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