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Cinelytic supports studios and independent content companies to make faster and better informed greenlight, acquisition, and release decisions.

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Combine your creative instinct with comprehensive data, real-time analytics and project management tools, all in an integrated online platform to save valuable time and money.

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Films with Performance
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Box Office
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Unparalleled Solutions for Studios, Financiers, Distributors, and Production Companies

The only end-to-end, self-service data, analytics and predictive intelligence platform in the entertainment industry.

Film and Talent Analytics

Easy-to-use film analytics and talent analytics tools help to rapidly gain key insights in minutes.

Distribution and Release Analytics

Inform your release strategies and predict potential outcomes with groundbreaking, real-time, tools.

Sophisticated Financial Modeling

Integrated, sophisticated financials models to save you time, and reduce errors.

Predictive Forecasting Intelligence

The industry’s most accurate, and only real-time, AI-powered predictive forecasting tool.

Revolutionary AI and ML at Your Fingertips. Get the Insights You Need Instantly

We use groundbreaking AI-powered predictive forecasting intelligence to get up to 85% accuracy before a film has been made.

Audience Intelligence for TV and Streaming Media

Our unique file-sharing data provides real-time demand insights into what is being watched globally and by whom. Demographic profiling supports US audience discovery and activation.

Leading the AI Revolution in the Entertainment Industry

Radically speed up and improve your workflow through using Cinelytic’s platform for analysis.

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